Té Tonic: Drink Mixers for Tequila, Gin & Tonic, and More

Designed in Spain

With drink mixers that pair perfectly with tequila, gin, vodka, and more, Té Tonic brings the delicious art of mixology to the home. After seeing the passion people had for creating their own cocktails at a party, co-founder Toni Ruano tapped into her background in design & marketing to create Té Tonic. She then recruited Javier Martinez, a well-known mixologist, to become the company’s resident chemist. It was Javier who helped develop an enticing array of cocktail infusion recipes to pair with the most popular gin brands on the market, ranging from floral to spicy. After months of experimentation, the perfect process was created, using a sachet (similar to a tea bag) to keep the seeds and hard elements out of the liquid while leaving all the flavor in. Today, Té Tonic enjoys a loyal following of home mixologists throughout the world, giving everyone the chance to sip something special with their own cocktail infusion kit.



Té Tonic brings mixology to the home with it's easy-to-make gin & tonic infused cocktails